A grizzly bear sow turns to look for her cubs to be sure that they are following her. Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Reconnect with Nature in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve

When you think of Alaska, you probably picture blizzards and Eskimos. Sure, Eskimos might miss the sun during the coldest days, but they get to live in one of the most beautiful landscapes around. 

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This underrated state is home to 8 National Parks and thousands of miles of untouched wilderness. Lake Clark National Park ranks high on our list of must-see parks.

Historical Significance

Lake Clark National Park is not only rich in its ecosystem but also in its history. The park has been a part of human history for over 10,000 years. It serves as a watershed to nearly 3.1 million red salmon, 800 plant species, and 37 species of land mammals.

The first human settlers arrived in the area in approximately 10,000 BP (before 1950), shortly after the last great ice age. Years later, around 1,700 BP, settlers created the Red Ochre rock paintings.

Things to Do in the Park

Lake Clark National Park is home to approximately 4,000,000 acres of land for your family to explore. This geological masterpiece boasts 2 volcanoes, Mount Iliamna and Mount Redoubt. You’ll also find 3.3 cubic miles of glacial ice, and ranges in elevation from sea level to a whopping 10,000 ft.

There is something for everyone in Lake Clark. Enjoy bird, bear, and wildlife watching with every family member, young and old.

Explore the lakes via kayaking, canoeing, power boating, and river rafting. 

Family-friendly bear viewing tours are available between late July and mid-September.

Don’t forget to teach the family about bear safety and the parks leave no trace policy. 

Local Cuisine and Sleep Accommodations

Unlike other large national parks, Lake Clark doesn’t have many restaurants and dining options. Instead, the park has a variety of lodging options that provide their own eating accommodations, such as the Redoubt Mountain Lodge and Silver Salmon Creek Lodge. These lodges are located on private property.

If you’re not staying in a lodge, it’s a good idea to bring along your own food. Considering shopping around in Anchorage for local Alaskan cuisine before your flight into Lake Clark National Park.