A panoramic view of the beach at Trunk Bay in St John

Experience Paradise at Virgin Islands National Park

The Virgin Islands National Park is a rare place in the world, one that mixes the elegance of the natural world with the thrilling history of humanity. The islands were first inhabited by Native Americans for hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus landed on the islands in the 15th century. From then on, the islands changed hands between countries and peoples until it eventually became a part of the United States.

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A Slice of Paradise

These islands were so beautiful to Christopher Columbus and his crew that they would go back to Europe and tell everyone about how wonderful they were. That incredible beauty still endures to this day. From the coastal cliffs to the awesome beaches, Virgin Islands National Park remains a speck of gold in the Atlantic. The wildlife that lives in the park is equally as breathtaking as the scenery, and there are many tours, both on land and sea, that will take visitors to see all the beauty that the park has to offer.

Fun Things To Do

Hiking through the islands is the most popular thing to do at Virgin Islands National Park and there are trails that are suitable for anyone, young or old. In addition to that, while beaches like Honeymoon Beach are a wonderful place to relax, swimming in the ocean to see its beautiful marine life is also a very popular thing to do. The exotic birds that nest at the island are also a popular sight to see, and they can be seen whether you’re hiking through a trail or resting on the beaches. 

Dining in Paradise

Virgin Islands National Park has a large variety of dining options and they range from fast and casual snack bars to high-class resorts. Whether you’re touring the islands or looking to stay there for a vacation, Virgin Islands National Park has a restaurant or resort for you.