A Horseshoe-Shaped Rock Art

The “Horseshoe Bend” near Page, Arizona, United States is an incised meander of the Colorado River in the shape of a horseshoe.

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It is located about 4 miles southwest of Page, within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (GCNRA), and one of the few unique attractions in the Arizona state. 

Brief History

The shape of this most famous tourist attraction is horseshoe-shaped, and hence, the name “Horseshoe Bend.” River Colorado flows around this dramatic landform. Geologists believe that as the river was headed south toward the sea, it went down the steepest slope. Meanders and circles were made by the river in this process and caused the river to cut through the layers of sandstone creating the bend. 

Unique Attractions

If you are a person with crazy wanderlust, then this should make the top of your must-see destination list for the following unique reasons. 

  • Different layers of stone and their beauty can stun you in awe as you reach the rim of Horseshoe Bend. Sandstone, mudstone, and sedimentary rocks have taken millions of years to form layers and accumulate atop one another. Among these, one of the most exciting layers is the one contacting the “Navajo Sandstone.” What makes it so unique is that the Navajo Sandstone is made up of a 200 million-year-old sand sea’s cemented sand. Horseshoe Bend is also possibly the most extensive dune system in North America. 
  • Native Anasazi and Ancestral Puebloans have been believed to have left behind “petroglyphs,” which is the scientific term for “rock art.” 
  • The Glen Canyon National Recreational Area which surrounds Horseshoe bend is also home to a significant number of species of ‘flora and fauna.’
  • The area has near 900 species of plants, mammals, carnivores, 27 species of lizards, and seven types of amphibians.
  • The Colorado River is also home for numerous fish and birds and some notable avian species.

Attractions for adults, young adults, and children

The Horseshoe bend is an ideal destination for a complete family tour. People of all ages will find this place mesmerizing and fascinating. 

  • For adults, this landform has terrific hiking destinations to challenge themselves. You will have to make a 0.75-mile hike to reach the rim of the Horseshoe bend, and you are guaranteed to stand in awe, looking at the different layers of stone. You can also plan a romantic sunset event. 
  • The boat tour can excite kids around this humongous landform structure. Also, visiting the GCNRA can give the kids as they host some of the vulnerable and endangered species. 


As this is a place which is usually teeming with tourists and visitors, there are a lot of tours made available and parks created in specific regions. The upper and the lower antelope canyon are the regions of the landform. While some want to hike through these canyons, others might want to take a circling boat tour around the landform. 


There are several eateries near the Horseshoe Bend spanning across two to six kilometers from the attraction. The cuisine prevalent in the area is eclectic with dishes like waffles, steak, Texas barbeque, and Pizza making regular appearances. Here is a list of few restaurants you could visit on your way to or back from Horseshoe Bend:

  • BirdHouse
  • Into the Grand
  • Big John’s Texas BBQ
  • Fiesta Mexicana
  • Ranch House Grille
  • Slackers

ConclusionThis unusual rock formation has over a million visitors every year. Although the Horseshoe Bend is a fantastic choice to go on a holiday. Your tour can be made more memorable and meaningful in every way if you have someone to guide you and take you to the right places.