A Kaleidoscopic affair of a panoramic view


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Whitaker Point, located in Ozark National Forest, is a place known for its beauty, buffaloes, the kisses, and the proposals. The rocky structure is suitable for you to spend the sunset with your loved ones, or to just click a photo for the next assignment you are assigned.

Unique attractions at this national park

Ozark National Forest has some of the few significant attractions, which will make you visit this place more often.

The Lost Valley, also known as Ponca, is located in buffalo national river area, where you can find some gorgeous sights. 

The twisted turns, with colors making a kaleidoscopic view as you drive through the forested paths in search, is yet another beautiful landscape that inspires awe in visitors. 

At Richland Creek, you can just soak your feet and listen to the creek babble. With places such as Pam’s Grotto, White Rock, Spainhour falls, Shores Lake, Whitaker point, Haw Creek falls, and trees aiding to beautify the place for its visitors, this place is breathtaking in every season, with each bringing out a new facet of the sheer beauty of the area. The waterfalls are in abundance here, which makes it an excellent place to picture and shoot movies with many movies being shot at this place. 


Brief History

The people living near the Whitaker point trace their origin back to scotch-Irish immigrants, who were once called hillbillies. Some are just hippies. Some came to the place for cheap land, while a few of them are the people who discovered this region; outdoorsmen, who love to hike with their loved ones. During 1930’s WPA built lakes and recreational areas, and by 1954, the forest began to take its shape. In 1988, the cabins were abandoned, and parks were open for the general public. From then till now, the historical WPA cabins are open for guests to stay overnight.

Tours available at the parks

There are three types of tours available at the Ozark National Park, namely, Alley Mill, Campfire programs, and Round Spring Cave.

Alley mill grounds are always open, and tours are free. The building itself is open to everybody, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. However, tours are by request only.

Campfire Programs are held each Friday and Saturday from Memorial Day to Labor Day, at 8:30 pm in amphitheaters at the alley and big spring campgrounds displaying a variety of fascinating subjects involving the nature and history of the Ozarks.

Round Spring Cave tours are held by the rangers to the cave, which is held from Memorial Day to Labor Day at 10:00 am, noon, and 2:00 pm. With beautiful caves and guided rangers, it is a very good experience. You would be advised not to take any clothing, equipment, lights because the rangers are controlling the spread of White Nose Syndrome. The fees are charged as $5 for adults, $2 for children under 12, which can be purchased 30 mins before each tour.


Restaurants and local food spot

There are many restaurants throughout the Ozark National Forest. The top few of them are:

  • Rivertowne BBQ serving American barbecue
  • Southern Grill with their quality diner and American cuisine
  • Hillbilly Hideout as the name suggests is inside a gas station perfectly serving for your quick stops for gas.
  • Thai Steakhouse for all those Asian and sushi cravings you get when you can’t eat from your usual place.
  • El Puerto Mexican Restaurant is a place to spice up the tempo while enjoying the beautiful views of Ozark.
  • Roma Italian Restaurant serving in Italian is one place you can go for excellent spaghetti and eggplant