A Natural Wonder of Sandstone

The Wave is sandstone rock formation in Arizona, situated near the northern border of the United States with Utah.

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The undulating forms of the sandstone spread across 5.2 miles, making it a wonder that fascinates the crowd. A cross-bedded eolian sandstone structure can be seen, with rhythmic and cyclic alternating grain flow and wind ripple laminae. On a day, only 20 people chosen based on a lottery are allowed to enter the attraction for two to four hours at most. 

Unique attractions

Coral pink dunes state park is an excellent place to extend your sightseeing options; it also has coral-hued dunes. It was formed due to the erosion of pink-colored Navajo sandstone. These parks allow camping, hiking, off-road vehicle driving, and photography.  The Wave consists of several U-shaped troughs that are 19 meters wide and 36 meters long.

The history

This beautiful landscape came into existence during the Jurassic period, almost 190 million years ago, when the dust storms pushed the desert dunes over the sandstone. It eventually led to the etching of the sandstone. This geological marvel has gone through millions of years of erosion due to wind and water. All of this made it the world’s most unique rock formation. These giant dunes are compact and solidify into the Navajo sandstone. Eventually, rainwater flow started to erode the sandstone along its joints, and this led to the deposition of various minerals in it, like iron oxide, manganese, and calcium. It makes the sandstone reflect several beautiful hues of purple, yellow, orange, pink, and red. The striations seen are a result of wind patterns. 

Areas attractive to the younger crowd:

The Wave is a wonder on its own and is extremely attractive for people exploring the world. Kids and the younger crowd will mostly be amused by the changing color of the dunes and the sandstone. The coral dunes park is one of the best places to visit with children; it gives them insight into the geology and feeds their curiosity as well. 

Nearby parks and tours available there 

  • Hitch N Post RV Park is one among the many parks available near The Wave. Locating the place will not be much of a hassle, since it is in Kanab, and they provide tour guides as well.
  • Jacob Hamblin Park is one of the most exceptional options to choose from, for the entertainment of kids. Also located in Kanab, it includes a playground and a special picnic Pavillion. The water playground is fun and hygienic, and you can grab some food from there. 
  • Ranchos Park also attracts several tourists, as it is one of the cleanest parks in Kanab. There are excellent and large baseball diamonds in the park, and the grass is perfect for walking barefoot. 

Restaurants and local food spots

This breath-taking beauty has a lot of food spots for visitors to refuel themselves, after the strenuous trek and the heat of the desert. A restaurant named Kanab creek bakery is one of the many places you should try. It will provide you with the best breakfast, and has vegan and gluten-free options as well. Juniper Ridge is an excellent place to go if you like to party. It has delicious food at reasonable prices and offers excellent service. The cuisine ranges from American to French. Drinks are also provided to visitors here. For a lower price, Lotsa Motsa Pizza is a great restaurant to visit. They offer excellent and fulfilling lunch and dinner, and vegetarian options are also available. For seafood, check the Sego restaurant. Since all these places are around Kanab, it is not difficult to locate them.