Embark on a Trip to Channel Islands National Park

Not far from the coast of California is the Channel Islands National Park, a park that hosts some of the most charming and fascinating islands in the country. The long history of the islands spans thousands of years from when it was first settled by Native Americans all the way to when it was designated as a National Monument and then, a National Park.

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The Islands

There are many islands that are a part of Channel Islands National Park and each and every one of them are stunning places to visit. For example, San Miguel Island has some spectacular beaches and is also the home to a lot of exquisite wildlife. Santa Cruz Island is home to a lot of historical buildings as well as stunning seaside cliffs. Santa Barbara Island is a diverse and gorgeous place with tall mesas in the interior and a lot of grasslands by the sea where the island’s wildlife live and breed. While not an island itself, another popular place to visit within the park is the open ocean itself. Boat tours that will take you whale watching around the islands are available and are a very popular thing for visitors to do.

Activities on the Islands

Depending on which island you’re on, there are a lot of different things you can do during your visit to Channel Islands National Park. Anacapa Island has a beautiful lighthouse that you can visit as well as hiking trails that you can take a tour through. Santa Cruz Island has some great spaces for camping, however, the western half of the island does not permit any camping. Every island also provides an opportunity to watch seals and sea lions rest and relax on the beaches and coasts. And of course, swimming and snorkeling in the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific Ocean are also popular activities to do on any of the islands.

Food and Lodging

Channel Islands National Park does not have any restaurants or lodging options and all food and water must be carried with you when you visit the park. Boats with snacks and drinks are nearby but by and large, visitors will have to bring their own supplies when visiting the islands.