The Natural Phenomenon of Crater Lake National Park

In the beautiful state of Oregon lies the deepest lake in the United States. Right at the height of the Cascade Mountains, Crater Lake National Park creates one of the most beautiful settings in the country that words simply can’t describe. Over 7,000 years ago Crater Lake was formed by a volcanic eruption causing the collapse of one of the mountain peaks. This single event is responsible for the beauty that we enjoy today at Crater Lake. While visiting the park you’ll find so many opportunities for recreation and peaceful rejuvenation.

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Enjoy Summer in the Park

Summer at Crater Lake comes a bit later as winter at this altitude has a tendency to linger. July through September is a beautiful time to visit the park though and there is no shortage of wonderful summer activity to enjoy. In the summer months, boat tours are available on the lake. You have to be able to make a short hike to the boat docking area. It is definitely worth the effort though because the volcanic remains left behind and the sheer wonder of a lake on top of a mountain are truly spectacular to see. Beyond the lake itself though, the summer months offer some pretty great hiking and camping opportunities for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Amazing Winter Activities

Activities in the winter are very abundant at Crater Lake National Park. From ranger-led snowshoeing to snowmobiling or skiing, there’s plenty to do involving snow during the winter months. Keep in mind that because the park receives an average of 43 feet (yes…feet) of snow each year, some roads will be closed and parts of the lake may not be visible due to snowstorms. But lake viewing is still a major attraction for people in the winter months. When it is clear and visible, the beauty of Crater Lake is absolutely astonishing.

Rest and Relax

In the park, itself are two beautiful lodging options with plenty of amenities that offer supreme comfort. The Crater Lake Lodge and The Cabins at Mazama Village offer guests a wonderful overnight experience during the summer season. The park also offers some great restaurants for guests. If you’re looking for fine dining, the restaurant at Crater Lake Lodge will not disappoint. You’ve also got some tasty options at Rim Village Cafe or the Annie Creek Restaurant in Mazama Village. It’s a guarantee that you will not go hungry when you visit Crater Lake State Park.