Experience the Beauty of the Great Sand Dunes National Park

The Great Sand Dunes National Park of Colorado has been a natural beauty that’s awed humans for over 11,000 years. A sacred place to the Navajo people, the Great Sand Dunes National Park holds not only significant ecological and environmental value but also significant cultural value as well. After centuries of conflict between colonists and the Native Americans, the Great Sand Dunes eventually became a National Park in the 1930s in a bid to protect its natural wonders from mining companies.

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The Diverse Beauty of the Park

The Great Sand Dunes National Park has a large variety of flora and fauna which sets it apart from other nature preserves. Not only does the park have the tallest sand dunes in America, but the park also sports a large variety of landscapes to hike on and sightsee. From forests to wetlands, lakes to tundra, the Great Sand Dunes National Park allows visitors to experience a diverse slice of the natural beauty of the world.

An Abundance of Experiences

With the wide variety of landscapes available to explore in the park, there are just as many different things to do there. You can take a guided tour through tourist favorites like the Great Sand Dunes themselves or go sandboarding or sand sledding down those sand dunes. If you’re an active person, you can hike up challenging hills or try the family-friendly trails. Finally, you can finish the day and cool off with a refreshing swim at Medano Creek.

The Lone Oasis

There’s only one restaurant that’s located inside the park, so would-be visitors should plan their trip around that fact. That single restaurant in the park, the Oasis Restaurant and Store, is the most popular place for tourists to mingle and shop. There are other restaurants located more than 25 miles away from the park so plan ahead.