Olympic National Park, Washington, USA at Ruby Beach with piles of deadwood.

Visit the Majestic Olympic National Park

The beauty that’s found in Olympic National Park is a secret that many Native Americans have known about for years before President Teddy Roosevelt sought to protect its beauty from any further encroachment. Created in 1909, Washington’s Olympic National Park is home to many things that will leave visitors in wonder and in awe. 

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Its Natural Elegance 

Olympic National Park has a large variety of landscapes that are all beautiful and breathtaking. From the beaches on the Pacific Coast to the rainforests and mountains further inland, Olympic National Park has something for everyone. There are short guided trails that are great for kids as well as longer and more challenging trails for adventurers. There are many beaches, rivers, and lakes that are great for activities ranging from just watching its beauty in action to swimming or fishing in them. However, there are strict fishing regulations that you will have to abide by.

A Surprise in the Park

One thing some visitors may not know about Olympic National Park is that the Town of Forks, the town that inspired the Twilight series of books and movies, is actually located in the park. For fans of Twilight, a visit to Olympic National Park is a great chance for them to relive the experience of reading the books or watching the movies all over again. There’s nothing more poetic for Twilight fans to do than to read the books or watch the movies while in the town that inspired it all.

For visitors who aren’t fans of Twilight however, the park still has plenty of other things to do there. Hikes and guided tours across its diverse set of landscapes are available and camping on the grounds is also a popular activity. Closer to the ocean, there are also opportunities to go on a whale watching tour or relax at stunning beaches like Shi Shi Beach. On top of that, the lakes and rivers of Olympic National Park provide a great chance to kayak or fish in, though fishing regulations will have to be observed.  

Food and Lodging

There are several dining options not far from the flora and fauna of the park. These places provide a broad range of dining options to visitors, from a cozier dining experience to a more classy one. A lot of the dishes they serve will include freshly caught seafood from the Pacific Ocean and the rest of the dishes will feature locally grown ingredients as well.