Walk Among the Largest Trees in the World at Sequoia National Park

Everything may be bigger in Texas, but one thing that isn’t bigger is the trees. Indeed, the largest trees in the world rest humbly at Sequoia National Park in California. In fact, were it not for the size of those magnificent Sequoia trees, the park wouldn’t have been created at all. In the late 1890s, President Benjamin Harrison did just that by ordering the U.S. Army to protect the Sequoia trees from logging companies. For the first time ever, a National Park was created just to protect a living organism, the giant Sequoia trees.

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The Land of Giants

The giant Sequoia trees that give the park its namesake are the main reason why visitors flock to Sequoia National Park and rightfully so. One of the most popular trees to look at is the General Sherman Tree, the largest living tree in the entire world. Another popular area in the park is the Giant Grove, which visitors can take a tour through to see all the giant Sequoia trees that President Harrison wanted to protect over 100 years ago.

A Land of Activities

Although Sequoia National Park is most well known for its giant Sequoia trees, the park is so vast that there are many other things you can do there. Hiking through the different trails or camping at the various campsites are very popular options, though campers are advised to store their food properly to avoid attracting bears. In the winter seasons, skiing and playing in the snow are also popular options for families. Finally, climbing up the various hills and mountains or exploring the several different caves are great activities for the more adventurous visitors.

Food and Lodging

Sequoia National Park, despite being mostly wilderness, actually has a lot of restaurants and lodging options available to visitors. The Giant Grove Restaurant is the most popular place to dine as it’s open year round and serves all sorts of local and fresh food no matter what you’re craving. There are other options available at Sequoia National Park as well, ranging from a buffet to a local deli.