The Well that Swallows the Pacific Ocean

Formed due to the waves crashing into the same site over the years, this unique wonder of nature seems like a gaping hole in the Pacific.

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Although this one-of-a-kind Well is not bottomless, the twenty feet deep well appears to be swallowing the entire Pacific Ocean inside. During the high tide, it is not a sight for the faint-hearted. However, it is a treat for the eyes and comes under the must-visit places in Oregon, USA. It is stunning to look at and makes spectators stare in awe at the breathtaking feature.

Unique Attractions

The Thor’s Well, in reality, is a hole in a rock formation which is about twenty feet deep. During the high tide, it looks like the Pacific Ocean is draining into a circular hole located in the middle of Cape Perpetua, south of Yachats, Oregon. The seemingly bottomless hole is also known as the “gate to hell” or “the drainpipe of the Pacific.” When the hole is full, the water creates a violent spray that bubbles all over the rocks. However, during the low tide, it is a more peaceful sight to witness. The sheer beauty of this place encourages tourists, nature lovers, photography enthusiasts, young adults, and kids to visit this wonder in Oregon.

Another major attraction is the Devil’s Churn located in Cape Perpetua. It is an inlet that has been carved into the rocks throughout thousands of years. As it is a rock structure that collapsed on itself, it can spray water up to hundreds of feet during the high tide.

The “Sprouting Horn” is another major attraction in this area. This cave that developed along the coast was formed over a long time. The water and air get funneled in the open space, which in turn leads to the formation of pressure inside the cave. When the pressure exceeds the normal limits, the water spurts out, thereby creating an ocean geyser. It is a mesmerizing sight to watch.

The Oregon coast has so many of such ocean attractions that it has come to be included in the “Seven Wonders of Oregon.” The Thor’s Well attracts thousands of tourists every year who come to witness the grandeur and beauty of the oceans and the marvels of these unique attractions. These wonders of nature make up for the perfect tourist spot for young adults and curious kids as well.

Brief History

Structures like Thor’s Well are formed over long periods geologically. They begin as a sea cave and with time, the top of the cave collapses. An opening is created where the tides from below shoot water upwards with dramatic force. The main reason behind the creation of Thor’s Well was the crashing of the waves of the Pacific Ocean on the same area, over a very long period. 

Restaurants and Local food spots

Being located on the Oregon coast, this place is famous for its variety of seafood. The spectacular beauty of nature coupled with lip-smacking delicacies attracts young travelers and kids too. Some of the most well-known restaurants in this area include The Luna Sea Fish House, The Drift Inn Hotel and Restaurant, Ona Restaurant & Lounge, Yachats Brewing + Farmstore, Adobe Restaurant and Lounge, LeRoy’s Blue Whale, The Sea Note Restaurant & Lounge and the like. 

Thor’s Well is one of the most visited tourist spots on the Oregon Coast owing to the spectacular and exciting natural beauty that can pique anyone’s interest. It is a must-see if you are traveling to Oregon, USA, and one of the best places for amateur and professional photographers to click some fascinating nature pictures.