River in Theodore Roosevelt National Park at dawn

Honor a Great President at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

There may be no President who has been as strong of a conservationist as Teddy Roosevelt. An avid outdoorsman, Teddy Roosevelt carried his love for the beauty of nature with him when he became President. Among many other great achievements, President Teddy Roosevelt protected wide swaths of land by creating National Parks and National Monuments around them. It is fitting then that a National Park was created in his honor many years later, and that park is the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. 

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The President’s Visit

Teddy Roosevelt visited the area that would turn into the park in 1883 for a big game hunting expedition. His experience in North Dakota changed him so much that he would go on to become the conservationist history remembers him as. Theodore Roosevelt National Park still has the big game that the President hunted, though nowadays they are not close to extinction anymore. There are many tours that will take you and your family to see all the beautiful and moving scenery and wildlife that Teddy Roosevelt saw when he first visited the place back in 1883. 

Other Things to Do

Asides from learning about the namesake of the park, there is also a wide variety of other things to do there. The small town of Medora is located at the entrance of the park and it features museums as well as lodging options for visitors. The scenery of the rest of the park is very beautiful as well, with long, winding rivers, magnificent mountains, and great spaces for camping too. Hiking is by far the most popular way to experience the beauty of the park, but driving down the roads will also provide visitors with a splendid and scenic driving experience. The Scenic Loop Drive, in particular, is a 36 mile stretch of road that will provide not only a beautiful driving experience but also an educational one as well. A lot of the park’s wildlife will wander along its path and the drive also features pullouts and signs along the road that will give visitors a chance to learn more about the park.

Dining Options

Because of how remote the park is, there are no restaurants in the park at all. However, at Medora, there are limited options for dining, though its dining options become even more limited during the winter months. There are a few other restaurants that are more than 15 miles away from the park, so be sure to plan ahead before visiting the park.