All you need to know about Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is a city situated in the U.S, in the state of Georgia. It is the oldest city in Georgia.

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The town lies on the banks of the Savannah River. This river separates Savannah from South Carolina. Every year, scores of people visit the city for its uncluttered streets, bewitching parks, and magnificent historic buildings. It is the third-largest city in terms of area in the state of Georgia. The city offers the best of history and is known for its splendid landmarks.  

The best things to do in Savannah

The city has numerous exciting and unique attractions. Make sure you visit all these places when in town.

1. Forsyth Park 

Forsyth Park is not your usual park that has a few trees, swings, and some benches. This park is over 30 acres in size, and a walk through its length will surely rejuvenate your soul. Every Saturday, the local farmers set their stalls, and you can buy fresh and local produce. This park is an immense favorite of both locals and tourists.

2.  Telfair Museum of Art

It is the oldest art museum. The museum is a house to artifacts, furniture, silver, paintings and many things from history. The museum has a touch of German, American, and French culture. More than 80 paintings done by Kahlil Gibran are on display. If you fancy art and history, this place is your heaven!

3. The Savannah Waterfront

If you are looking for eateries, shops, beverages, or art galleries, this place is a one-stop solution for all your needs.  

There are numerous other attractions which one must visit during his (or her) visit to the city. Make sure you add the city market, The Cathedral of St. John, Historic Savannah Theatre, Wormsloe, Bonaventure cemetery, and fort Pulaski to your travel list. 

History of this city

The city was founded by General James Oglethorpe in the year 1733, on the 12th of February. In 1751, Savannah became the capital of Georgia. Georgia grew into a royal colony in that year. The British took control of Savannah and stayed in the city from 1778 to 1782. The capital of Georgia was changed from Savannah to Milledgeville in 1864. The authorities of Savannah peacefully surrendered to save the city.  

Main attractions for kids and adults

Both kids and adults like parks. Adults love it because it offers much-needed peace and relaxation. Kids love it as they can play around and make noise. Forsyth and Skidaway Island state parks are ideal for both kids and adults. The city market, Belles ferry, Theatre, and Riverfront plaza are appealing to both adults and children. Make sure to visit all the 22 squares! 

Tours available

Old Savannah trolley tours are one of the best tours and a good option if you are on a short trip but want to make the most of it. This tour covers all the 22 squares and main attractions like Mansion of Forsyth park, St. Cathedral, Mulberry Inn. There are 15 stops in total. You can explore a particular place and then use this transport to go to the next location. The buses come at an interval of 15 to 20 minutes.

You can also choose from numerous available tour options. The tourists also prefer a historic walking tour, Cruise tour, culinary and cultural tour.

Restaurants, cafes, and local cuisine of this city

Savannah offers delicious and mouth-watering food of all types of cuisines. If you are a vegan, you would still get plenty of options to choose from the variety of dishes they have got to serve. Some incredible eateries are The Olde Pink House, Full, Cotton & Rye, Zunzi’s.   

Savanna is a beautiful city with a charm that will leave mesmerized and a must addition to your places-to-visit-in-USA list.