Golden Gate Bridge: Spot to Spend a Golden Time

The Golden Gate Bridge, one of the seven wonders of the modern world, is a suspension bridge that spans 1.7 miles over the strait of Golden Gate.

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The bridge connects San Francisco to the Marin Headlands.

The bridge attracts over 10 million visitors annually owing to its behemoth 746-feet tall towers and iconic Art deco design. With its international orange color, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most photographed bridges in the world.     

Unique attractions

The fact that the Golden Gate Bridge is the most highlightable attraction of the place is evident. Walking across the bridge, marveling at its art deco styling and its humongous build is a pleasure in itself.

Besides the bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge Park is another major attraction. You can visit the De Young Museum, which is a famous fine arts museum, or you could relax in the tranquil environment beside the lakes and meadows inside the park. A visit to the Conservatory of Flowers is likely to top every flower lover’s to-do-list.

History of the bridge

Before the construction of the bridge, San Francisco did not have any permanent links with the regions across the bay. Once connected to what is the present Marin County through a ferry service, the lack of connectivity was taking a heavy toll on the city’s growth rate, which was below the national average. 

After much apprehension, strikes, and lawsuits, the designing of the bridge started under chief engineer Joseph Strauss. The Wall Street Crash in 1929 created financial problems for the construction of the bridge. Finally, the building began in 1933 after the Bank of America decided to finance the project by buying up all the bonds.  

The bridge opened on May 27, 1937, and the celebrations lasted for a week. Before the bridge opened for vehicles, almost 200,000 people crossed the bridge on either foot or roller skates and the mayor, Angelo Rossi, crossed the bridge in a motorcade alongside other prominent officials. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signaled the opening of the bridge for vehicles by pressing a button at the Washington D.C. on the next day.  

Attractive activities for kids and young adults at the Golden Gate Bridge and the park

Besides the bike ride across the bridge, there are several attractions for kids at the Golden Gate Park. The East and the center section of the park are the most attractive to kids.

Be it running around in one of the many playgrounds, quenching their scientific thirst at the California Academy of Sciences, watching bison at the Buffalo paddock, or taking a boat ride in the Stow Lake; they will love their time at the spot.

Tours available at the Golden Gate Bridge

There are several bicycles, e-bike, and group-walking tours available at the Golden Gate Bridge and the park. You may choose one of them. Besides, there are also some cruises across the Golden Gate Bay. 

Restaurants and Local food spots

There are many restaurant options available close to the bridge. Some of them are listed below.

·        Murray Circle Restaurant

This restaurant is located at a former army fort and is famous for its Californian cuisine. The food and beverage prices are justified, making it a perfect place to have a lunch break after a walk on the bridge.

·        Round House Café

If you are looking for a quick something to eat, this snack café will be a perfect choice. The prices are reasonable, and the view of the bridge from the restaurant is stunning.

The Golden Gate Bridge and the park is a haven for all types of visitors, the active ones, and the not-so-active ones. It offers multiple activities for either group. So, this summer, make some golden memories at the Golden Gate Bridge.