The Rock That Saved Damsels in Distress

The Devils Tower National Monument or the infamous Bear Lodge Butte, established in 1906, is a laccolithic butte made up of igneous rocks.

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Located in the northeast of Wyoming, the breathtaking rock tower stands tall with an elevation of 5,112ft above the sea level.


The geological feature is sacred to the tribes of native American-Indian, Kiowa Tribe, Lakota Tribe, and other indigenous people. As such, they hold many exciting tales and stories about its formation. One such tale is about a group of girls playing outside were spotted by a giant bear who chased them. To save themselves, the girls ran but stumbled and landed atop a rock. The damsels in distress prayed to the Great Spirit, who rescued them by elevating the stone to the heavens. Hence, the giant bears were stuck down with numerous failed attempts to climb the tower leaving behind the deep claw marks on its surface.

There are many other such tales the tribes have conjured and inherited from generation to generation. 

The science behind the scene

Just like the numerous tales, there are several different theories in science as well regarding the formation of the natural rock tower. While some geologists claim it to have formed by the igneous intrusion, others theorize it to be an eroded remaining of a laccolith.

The Present 

After being the starring backdrop in the famous movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” Devils Tower National Monument bagged a massive amount of popularity to its vanity. A lot of people visit the place every year to enjoy their vacation knowing more about the site. The increased tourism has even reformed the Devil’s Tower to help visitors have a fantastic experience to take back with them.

There’s fun in Lodge

The astounding tower set in the Black Hills is anything but unsafe for children. The various parks, animals, and natural sights are a treat to every child’s curious mind. 

The beautiful destination is a whole package of fun for any age group visiting the place. It renders many different events and activities to make the visit a memorable journey for the people.

  • Stargazing: Who doesn’t love the night sky? The fascinating starry night is one of the resources treasured in the Devils Tower. With darkness comes wonder- when the beautiful darkness envelope the place, the night sky shines is a different light that reflects from the deep objects. The ethereal sight is worth everything. The park entertains a lot of night sky events throughout the year for people to witness the magic the place holds.
  • Hiking: Devils Tower has got five hiking trails: Tower Trail, Joyner Ridge, South Side, Red Beds, and Valley View. All of them give away different perspectives and views of the site. While Tower trail is the most famous one, Joyner Ridge has the easiest route.
  • Climbing: The tower has got abundant climbing routes for all climbers out there to ascend the great Devils Tower. However, climbers need to register their names before the activity and have to abide by the rules and regulations for their safety purpose.
  • Camping: Belle Fourche River Campground is a 50-site campground located within Devils Tower is open from May to all way till October for people to camp around. The campsite is a first come first serve based site allowing no reservations.
  • Food: A chain of restaurants are scattered near the location and offer a variety of options as well. The facilities are easy to access and are available in abundance. 

With all that said about its rich history and exciting activities, the place is a must-visit on everyone’s bucket list.